How to strengthen the color of the eyes

How to strengthen the color of the eyes
Color eye each person is unique, irresistible and charming in his own way. Extra Charm eyeам может придать умело подобранный макияж, усиливающий их натуральный цвет. Для этого в макияже используются основные и вспомогательные тона, каждый из которых создает эффект взаимного дополнения.

In order to emphasize the blueness eye It is recommended to use shadows of orange color with a bluish tinge. They effectively focus on blue eyeah, rather than shades of blue.

Green eyeand it is best to emphasize the shades, derived from red. If you apply on the eyelids pink, bright red (carmine), lilac or shadows of fuchsia, color eye визуально станет немного темнее.

In order to strengthen the nut color eye, it is necessary to shade it with variations of violet. You can use medium brown and medium gray tone, as well as muffled-blue. Owners eye Nut color should abandon the green shade.

Gray-green and bluish-green color eye it is possible to emphasize, and also to strengthen the gray-blue iridescent coloring due to the green shades of the shadows. To enhance the blue color, the orange shade fits perfectly.

Strengthen color brown eye metallic shades or flickering shadows will help. Underline brown color eye it is possible and on the basis of contrast, for this purpose olive, purple colors of shades will approach. If eyeand dark-brown, then a special depth of color can be achieved through pink, beige and blue shades.

For gray eye suitable shades of gray for a couple of tones darker colors eye, as well as gray-blue and gray-beige shadows. shadow Light tones in this case are not suitable.

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