How to straighten your hair

How to straighten your hair
Wavy and too fluffy hair is difficult to put in a beautiful smooth hairstyle. Yes, and curl it is better beforehand straightened locks – curls will turn out more precise and accurate. For hair straightening, use special ironing, as well as smoothing creams and sprays.

You will need
  • – mousse-conditioner;
  • – hairdryer;
  • – iron for the hair;
  • – a varnish-shine;
  • – Thermal protection spray;
  • – Smoothing cream;
  • – A comb with rare teeth.
Выберите качественные щипцы для выпрямления волос. Лучший вариант – прибор с регулятором нагрева и гладкими керамическими пластинами, которые не травмируют волосы. Такой утюжок не только эффективно разглаживает пряди, но и придает им блеск.

Wash your head and treat the hair with a mousse-conditioner, which gives a shine and smoothness. Then rinse it off and carefully pat the hair with a towel. The next stage is drying with a hairdryer. To smooth wet strands is not recommended – it is very harmful to the health and appearance of the hair.

Almost completely dried hair, sprinkle with a thermal spray spray with ceramides and amino acids. It increases the density of each hair, makes it supple and gives shine. The main mass of the curls is gathered and fastened with clamps. Preheat the thermo-clamp.

Begin the treatment from the nape of the neck, then straighten the strands on the top of the head and, lastly, decorate the hair on the face. Separate from the stabbed hair narrow strands, clamp them between the plates ironing at the roots and slowly guide the device to the tips. If you want to achieve perfectly straight hair, slightly pull the strands down. If your task is not only to smooth out, but also to give volume, remove the strand sandwiched between the plates to the side, parallel to the floor.

After finishing the treatment, gently comb hair comb with wide teeth and sprinkle them with lacquer-gloss. Now the strands can be put in a hairdress or decorate them with accessories – rims, ribbons or hairpins.

If your hair does not twist, but differ in excessive fluffiness, you can smooth them with a special cream. He straightens the strands and keeps them smooth and shiny all laziness. In this case, the agent does not promote the fat content of the hair and does not adhere to them.

Clean and dry hair comb well. Squeeze a handful of a cream the size of a hazelnut in the palm of your hand and rub it in the palms of your hands. Then run your hands through the hair from the roots to the tips. If the hair is very thick, the procedure can be repeated.

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