How to straighten your hair with a straightener

How to straighten your hair with a straightener
To wave hair, the fair sex representatives are accustomed to apply all kinds of curlers and curlers, but this can be done with a straightening iron. Of course, the phrase "curl hair rectifier"Sounds more than strange and ridiculous. But to get wonderful curls using this device is actually possible. It will take only a little free time and a little patience.

You will need
  • – утюжок-выпрямитель;
  • – термозащитное средство;
  • – special clips for hair or "crabs";
  • – Foam or wax for styling;
  • – hairspray strong or medium fixation.
Curling procedure rectifier Simple and accessible woman и girl. Даже той, которая не имеет навыков в парикмахерском искусстве.

Apply on the entire length of the hair a special thermal protective agent. It includes a variety of herbal extracts and nutritional products. In order to find a suitable tool for your hair, contact a specialist trichologist.

Разделите hair on small prjadki. Leave one, and fix the others with special clamps or "crabs". Further, retreat 12-15 mm from the roots of the hair and clamp the first strand between the plates ironing, just not too hard. Then free its or her part wind around rectifier (the curls turn out to be magnificent and voluminous) or around its lower plate (curls will be more frequent). The main thing – take care of that hair sticking out from the head.

Gently pull the iron straightener down, holding the ends of the hair with your free hand. The slower your movements, the steeper the curl. And if you move more intensively, the curl will be gentle and smooth.

Process the necessary part of the hairstyle or all hair by strands. Keep in mind: it can happen that the strand does not twist into a curl. Then wait a while and, when hair completely cool down, repeat the procedure again.

Закрепите локоны. Для этого нанесите на них немного пены или воска для укладки. Делайте это руками без использования расчески, иначе вы повредите завитки.

Нанесите на готовую прическу лак для волос.

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