How to straighten your hair for a long time

How to straighten your hair for a long time
From the pages of glossy magazines to the readers proudly look beauties with luxurious straight hair. Women perceive such advertising as a direct guide to action. However, for a long time to straighten hair without harm to the hair is difficult enough.

Try to use folk remedies to straighten out hair. Storing for a long time hair, processed with strong sweet tea or beer. Such straightening methods, unlike ironing, are not detrimental to the hairstyle, but rather strengthen the structure of the hair. By the minuses of laying beer can be attributed only the smell, and from sweet tea hair будут выглядеть склеившимися. Чтобы избежать такой проблемы, добавляйте в чай как можно меньше сахара.

To straighten hair на более длительный срок, нужно прибегнуть к специальным салонным процедурам. Одним из популярных способов считается химическая обработка прически специальными веществами. По степени воздействия на структуру волос данные вещества делятся на 3 вида. Самым сильным считается гидроокись натрия. Он делает hair абсолютно прямыми и блестящими, но приводит к их разрушению. Более щадящим элементом можно считать гидроксид гуанидина. В его составе меньше щелочи, но он высушивает hair. The softest chemical for straightening is ammonium thioglycollate. It practically does not harm hair, but its price is much higher than that of other products.

Bio-rectification is considered the most innovative way. This method is based on the treatment of hair with amino cysteic acids. They penetrate deeply into the structure of the hair and change it. This method is good because in its process there is no chemical effect, and therefore harm is minimal. The only drawback of bio-straightening is its very high price.

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