How to straighten wavy hair

How to straighten wavy hair
Women tend to change their appearance. Change of image raises mood and gives confidence. A new hairstyle is an indispensable condition for a new image. Someone does a wave, and someone, on the contrary, struggles with boring ringlets. It is good that in our time there are many different ways for this.

You will need
  • -hair dryer;
  • -hair for hair.
The easiest and most affordable way to straighten hair is by using a hairdryer. To do this, use special round brushes with thin thick bristles. She does not comb her hair, but as it clings to them. On slightly dried hair, apply a special remedy (this may be a spray or balm), which helps to smooth out. Then, separating small strands, dry them, pulling off with a brush. This method is appropriate if you want to get smooth hair for a day. In addition, with strongly curling ringlets it will not be possible to get a good result.

To get a more noticeable effect, a special rectifier (iron) is best. Before using it, you also need to apply a product that protects from the negative effects of heat and improves stacking. Small strands need to be smoothed with iron, leading it from the roots down. It is desirable to use a rectifier with ceramic plates – glide will be better than the model's metal elements, and the negative impact is much less.

If you are firmly convinced that you want to get rid of ringlets for a long time, then you will have to resort to a more radical method – chemical straightening of the hair. In fact, it looks like a chemical wave, that is, a change in the shape of the hair occurs under the influence of special chemicals. The choice of the type of chemical straightening depends on how you have wavy hair, and on their condition. Independently to select means undesirable. For the first time it is better to turn to a good specialist – so you can observe how straightening is done correctly. As the hair grows, it will be necessary to straighten them at the roots. After such a procedure, you need to take care of your hair. Now it is necessary to use means for the damaged hair, it is desirable to get a series from shampoo, balm and a mask.

Some beauty salons offer a new service – keratin straightening hair. Keratin is a substance related to the structure of the hair, therefore a Straightening does no harm. However, the cost of the procedure will be much higher.

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