How to straighten hair without ironing

How to straighten hair without ironing
Straight hair does not go out of fashion. They can be worn loose, collected in a pony tail or braided in braids. In some types of quads and gradual haircuts, straightening is a necessary element of laying. Effectively straighten hair at home you can without using ironing.

You will need
  • – hairdryer;
  • – Round brush;
  • – varnish, mousse or foam for styling;
  • – hair clips;
  • – shampoo and balm for straightening hair;
  • – hair spray;
  • – Sugar;
  • – strong tea;
  • – wadded disks or spray.
Try to straighten hair with a hairdryer. If you just washed your head, carefully wipe your hair with a towel over the entire length. Put on the strands of styling: mousse, gel or foam. Dry hair with a hair dryer, pulling them with a round brush. Fen is set to the average temperature of heating. Dry hair before this procedure should be slightly moistened with warm water.

Dry the hair with a blow dryer with the function of cold drying. Gently comb and dry individual strands from the roots to the tips, moving from the nape to the temples and forehead. This method of hair straightening will take a lot of time, but as a result you will get smooth and shiny hair that has not been overdried by a stream of hot air from the hair dryer or iron-heated ironing.

To facilitate the straightening process and add healthy shine to your locks, use special shampoos and balms-conditioners for straightening hair in advance. These cosmetics not only greatly facilitate the process of laying, but also make the hair style more resistant, facilitate combing, prevent hair from tangling.

After completing the straightening, lightly drizzle the hair with an average degree of fixation. This remedy will not allow the hairdo to ruffle during the day, without making it too heavy or glued.

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