How to straighten curly hair

How to straighten curly hair
The nature of women is such that having beautiful curly from nature hair, they want to straighten them out at any price. Fortunately, today it is not difficult. Thanks to the existing tools and cosmetics, even the most naughty locks can be straightened out not only in the hair salon, but also at home.

Shortly straighten the curls will help the thermal method. Wash your head and, after drying it a little with a towel, get down to business. Lightly tighten the strands hair comb and fix them in this position with a hairdryer. Try not to rush things and do everything very carefully, as you can damage hair. Please note that this procedure will not work for straightening a perm.

Wash your head, apply to damp hair means for straightening and wait until they dry naturally. Turn on a special device – "ironing" – and leave it for a while to warm it up properly. After that, grab a single strand of hair and swipe them along the entire length of the hair from the roots to the tips. Try not to delay the device for a long time in one area. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

To straighten hair на длительный промежуток времени, посетите парикмахерский салон. Там вам предложат одну из популярных процедур – химическое выпрямление. Сначала на локоны нанесут специальное химическое вещество, а после этого их вытянут с помощью разглаживающей щетки и закрепят гелем или лаком. Этот способ, хотя и эффективный, в то же время очень вреден для волос. Поэтому пользоваться им рекомендуется как можно реже.

Another salon way to straighten curly hair is bio-straightening. It is considered absolutely harmless, as it excludes the use of chemical agents. The hair is treated with amino cysteic acids. They penetrate the hair rods and, interacting with the keratin, change their structure. As a result, your strands become smoother and silky.

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