How to straighten a wig

How to straighten a wig
Fashion changes and luxurious straight curls become preferable to amusing curls. The wig, like your hair, can also be straightened out, only in a different way. Make a special shampoo and take care of the wig so as not to spoil the curling and straightening.

You will need
  • – detergent for delicate fabrics;
  • – lemon juice;
  • – olive oil;
  • – hot water;
  • – iron;
  • – cloth for ironing.
Straightened wig will remain so forever, if you do not use other means to curl it. Prepare the product, gently comb it with a comb with rare prongs, untangle all the "glomeruli". To work it was easier, apply on hair of a wig a means for combing or the conditioner.

Наденьте изделие на специальную подставку и закрепите булавками. Поставьте все это в ванну. Нагрейте кастрюлю воды до температуры в восемьдесят градусов. Поливайте парик горячей водой так, чтобы она промочила все волосы. Оставьте изделие высыхать естественным образом, не сушите его феном.
If the wig is still curly, repeat the procedure. Do not use metal appliances for straightening hair (ironing), artificial hair can melt. A wig made of natural hair can be straightened using the same means that you apply to your hair.

Парик можно выпрямить с помощью обычного утюга. Spread accurately and neatly the artificial hair on the ironing board. Cover them with a special cloth so as not to burn. Adjust the temperature of the iron first to the middle level, then add, if necessary.

Prepare a special shampoo that refreshes well and cleans the hair of the wig. Wash the product several times a month. Pour two liters of water into a saucepan and boil thoroughly to remove any lime deposits that could damage synthetic wig strands.

Pour the water into a clean bowl and put it in the refrigerator. In a small basin pour a liter of cold boiled water. Add a glass of detergent to wash delicate fabrics and mix. Pour a teaspoon of olive oil, this will give a shine to the wig. A lemon juice (a teaspoon) – fresh aroma.

Окуните парик в воду, тщательно намочите все волосы. Не трите их, водите под водой плавно. Поменяйте воду на чистую и ополосните изделие. Выньте парик, разложите его на толстом махровом полотенце и накройте свободным концом. Аккуратно и осторожно отожмите изделие. Встряхните парик и тщательно расправьте его на подставке.

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