How to stop the appearance of moles

How to stop the appearance of moles
Appearance moles usually write off to a sign, which speaks of the extraordinary success of their owner. However, the real causes of such spots on the skin are more prosaic, often threatening human health. Pay close attention to such signs of "happiness" and do not delay with a visit to the doctor.

Limit your stay in the sun. Ultraviolet has a negative effect on skin pigmentation and provokes the appearance of new moles. Especially it concerns pregnant women and people with excessively sensitive skin. If you like to sunbathe, and outside the hot summer, do not forget to use sunscreen. Do not treat this problem lightly, because from excessive exposure to sunlight moles can be transformed into malignant tumors.

Address to the endocrinologist and the oncologist if your organism experiences a climax. At this time, the hormonal state changes, and the immune defense system weakens, which contributes to the development of malignant tumors. The specialists will conduct the necessary examinations and prescribe concomitant treatment that will maintain the hormonal background of the organism at the required level.

Проверьте состояние печени. Нередко появление moles обуславливается возникновением таких заболеваний, как цирроз и гепатит. Еще одной причиной может служить повышенное содержание шлаков. После обследования врач назначит либо лечение, либо очищение печени и специальную диету.

Try not to disturb the surface moles. For example, women pull out their hair, and men injure birth marks during shaving. This provokes an excessive influx of blood, and melanoma involved in education moles, begins to spread throughout the body. It is unnecessary to recall that the independent removal of birthmarks is dangerous to health, since it can lead to great blood loss.

After the specialists examine your body and eliminate reasons emergence moles, try to delete them. To do this, use laser freezing or mechanical burning.

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