How to stop old age

How to stop old age
To avoid old age is impossible, sooner or later it will come in all its manifestations. But for some people old age is a state of mind, but for others – the body's weakness and weakness of health. Something to do with the first manifestation is impossible. But it is quite possible to reduce the visible signs of old age and improve their health.

Proper nutrition is a guarantee of beauty and health. Pay attention to what you eat. With age, it is necessary to exclude from the diet all fatty, fried, smoked, pickled and canned. Improper nutrition adversely affects the health of internal organs, leading to premature aging. Diversify the diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, drink juices, but from carbonated beverages you better refuse altogether.

Lead an active lifestyle. Go to the fitness club or go to the pool, and if you do not have time for it, then at least just do exercises in the morning or do a little jog. Blood will circulate faster and enrich all organs with oxygen, which will positively affect their health and your overall well-being. Try to walk as much as possible outdoors, go hiking in the forest.

Regularly visit the hospital and undergo a preventive examination, as well as donate blood not only to a general analysis, but also to the level of hormones. With age, the number sexual гормонов снижается, что приводит к появлению морщин и лишнего веса. Если у вас имеются какие-либо отклонения в работе внутренних органов или целый «букет» болезней, постарайтесь вылечить их.

But not only internal organs grow old, but also skin, hair and nails. Drink vitamin and antioxidant complexes to maintain the appearance. Use cosmetics with collagen, because with age, it is produced in smaller amounts, which is why wrinkles appear around the eyes.

Прислушивайтесь к своему здоровью, старайтесь устранять проблемы с ним сразу же после их появления. Следите за весом и внешним видом, тогда вы сможете приостановить процесс старения, ведь только вы сами можете повлиять на эти факторы и устранить их проявления.

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