How to stop losing weight

How to stop losing weight
In the effort to lose weight there is nothing wrong, but it should have a reasonable framework. After all, there are situations when the desire to eat properly grows into a maniacal obsession. This phenomenon is called ortorexia. But you can and must fight it.

Proper nutrition can not be the main and only goal in your life. These are just elementary measures aimed at preserving the figure and health. Control yourself. Food is always just food. It can not be your end in itself.

Be attentive to the true needs of your body. Maybe, he just does not have enough of a product from which you refused in favor of proper nutrition or diet. To do this, examine yourself and observe the changes in your appearance for flabbiness and pallor of the skin, hair loss, glossy nails, etc. Or hand over an extended blood test, which will show whether there is a deficiency in the body of a useful substance.

To get rid of the habit of dieting, gradually expand list previously banned products. For example, if earlier you only allowed low-fat kefir from dairy products, then in due course replace it with usual, start consuming cottage cheese, cheeses, yoghurts and milk.

Ask the opinion of friends and relatives if it's worth it lose weight дальше. Ведь порой у человека завышенные требования к своей внешности и он не в состоянии объективно оценить себя, взглянуть на себя со стороны.

Откажитесь от чрезмерного увлечения диетами в пользу физических упражнений, что доставит вам настоящее удовлетворение и позволит не переживать за свою фигуру. Это могут быть обычные прогулки на свежем воздухе, плавание, танцы и другие виды спорта. Можно посещать тренажерный зал или ходить на фитнес. А после физических нагрузок у вас появится неплохой аппетит.

If the diet has already become your favorite hobby for you, find yourself a new exciting activity that will take up all your free time.

Чтобы избавиться от слишком строгих лимитов в еде, сначала откажитесь от ограничений в своей жизни. Не запрещайте себе ничего и не корите себя за проявление слабости.

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