How to stop losing weight

How to stop losing weight
Against the background of the general interest in losing weight there are many girls for whom weight has become a real problem. Uncontrolled weight loss can be the result of diseases, malnutrition, stressful conditions. In most cases, the problem should be solved by enlisting the support of a specialist.

Пройдите медицинское обследование. В некоторых случаях неконтролируемая потеря веса вызвана эндокринными нарушениями, заболеваниями желудочно-кишечного тракта, нервными расстройствами. Начните свое путешествие по докторам с терапевта или эндокринолога, который поможет установить причину недостаточной массы тела.

Do not neglect dieticians. Unfortunately, very few people consult a doctor before starting the fight against excess weight. But when the diet has already led to unforeseen consequences, the specialist's help is simply necessary. Loss more than 10% of normal body weight is the reason for a visit to the doctor.

Sometimes weight loss is associated with stressful conditions, exhausting physical or mental stress. Rest, changing the situation, eliminating the negative factor is often, but not always, able to help yourself to cope with the situation. In other cases, professional терапия, возможно, с приемом лекарственных препаратов.

If you for a long time adhered to a strict diet or were under the influence of stress factors, gradually accustom yourself to a full-fledged diet. Eat at least 4-5 once a day, evenly distributing the density of meals. Do not lean on heavy and high-calorie dishes to gain more weight – this will only create an extra load for the digestive system. The variety of the diet does not necessarily mean excessive luxury: it is enough to eat meat or fish (for vegetarians – bean) every day, something from vegetables, fruits, some kind of dairy and cereal (cereal, cereal, bread) products.

If the state of health allows, engage in power training. Increasing muscle mass, you can maintain optimal body weight. But cardio training (aerobic exercise), on the contrary, will lead to further weight loss. It is advisable to visit the sports doctor before the beginning of the classes and draw up a training plan with the instructor.

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