How to stop graying of hair

How to stop graying of hair
Not always hair whiten in adulthood. Often gray hair comes in youth, when it may well not be. This may be a consequence of a genetic predisposition or signal a lack of some necessary substances in the body.

Hair constantly receives from the body a whole range of nutrients that it needs in order to be strong, shiny, and also have a color. These are amino acids, proteins, etc. Melanocytes are responsible for coloring pigments. When they are missing, when the process of delivering the necessary substances is broken, the hair becomes colorless. So, in order to stop the graying, first of all analyze your diet. It should be enough vitamins, minerals and proteins. In addition to meat, protein is found in legumes, a lot of it in algae spirulina etc. It is necessary for the body to build literally everything – growth of bones, nails, hair. This is why many girlswho have chosen an incorrect and debilitating diet, a premature gray.

Make your life more harmonious and joyful. Frequent stresses lead to the graying of the hair, as blood vessels are spasmed, along which food is delivered to the hair. Sometimes gray hair, formed as a result of experiences, is reversible and can pass when the situation is normalized. Vascular spasm can also occur with supercooling. Therefore, in the cold season always wear a hat.

Cosmetic means for hair care, though not as important as food and peace of mind, but also contribute. If possible, it is better to use natural means for washing and strengthening hair as much as possible. Rinsing decoctions of herbs, masks from yogurt, honey, vegetable oils are very useful. In case of premature graying, nettle is especially good, the infusion of which can be used for washing or staining. Sometimes it helps at least partially return the natural color. Infusion of nettle can also be daily rubbed into the scalp.

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