How to stop being a brunette

How to stop being a brunette
Women periodically have a desire to change their image, and, perhaps, with the help of a new hairdo or hair color make it easier. However, it can be difficult to determine the appropriate hair color and safe method of coloring. If you are bored with a dark hair color, there are several ways in which you can slightly change the shade or completely change the color of your curls. If you are naturally brunette, but not burning, you can slightly diversify your image, giving hair a copper shade with the help of a natural dye – Iranian or Indian henna.

Having insisted on henna on karkade or beet juice, you can achieve a reddish tint of hair.

The fastest and at the same time quite harmful way to radically change color is discoloration. If you are a natural brunette and want to become, for example, a blonde or bright red, you will first have to discolor the hair with a mixture of blondator (clarifying powder) with oxygenates (oxidants). You can do it in the cabin or on your own in Home conditions, at your own peril and risk, preliminarily after having studied the question. Oxidizers are more aggressive (9 or 12%) and softer (1,9% or 3%), the first discolor stronger and faster, but also damage the hair more.

To achieve the desired effect, you may need more than one lightening procedure, and several with a break of several days or even weeks. Be prepared for the fact that after the first discoloration your hair can take an unexpected shade, for example, copper-yellow or orange. After each discoloration, it is necessary to make a color or toning. The fact is that the clarification procedure cleans the pigment, opens the scales of the hair, making it porous and brittle. Staining or toning will fill the hairs with a pigment and close the scales. Toning differs from staining by the fact that funds are used without ammonia and low-percentage oxidants, which makes the procedure more gentle.

Когда темный пигмент из волос удален, можно приступать к окрашиванию в желаемый цвет – опять же, самостоятельно или в салоне. Учтите, что если вы краситесь в холодный оттенок блонд, вам придется применять специальные шампуни, кондиционеры для устранения желтизны волос. Также, независимо от выбранного оттенка краски, вам придется очень активно ухаживать за волосами, чтобы обеспечить им максимально здоровый вид, ведь осветление очень сильно повреждает волосы, и с каждым разом этот негативный эффект заметен все больше.

Try to choose a professional paint, because the colors of the mass market category can give an unpredictable hue on the hair, and for the discolored hair this risk increases at times.

If your hair is painted in a dark color, then before painting in any other shade you need to do the washing with special means. After that, you can paint with persistent paint or use toning agents that are less aggressive, but quickly washed away. If your natural color, for example, light blond, you are lucky – constantly do discoloration and wash out the natural dark pigment you do not have to. Once you have done the washing and removing the dark paint from the hair, then you can paint in any other desired color.

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