How to stimulate growth

How to stimulate growth
If you dream of becoming higher and do not know how, then you need to decide what the problem of growth retardation is in your case. Genetics can not be changed, and it is impossible to become higher than prescribed by nature, but often the human body simply does not use its potential.

First, make sure that you get enough calcium and phosphorus – the most important elements for the formation of bones and their active growth. Eat milk, fresh cottage cheese, sour-milk products, and also white boiled meat and fish – they are rich in magnesium. Do not forget about iodine – it also activates growth, awakening the brain receptors to the development of the body. Protein is a necessary and indispensable building material. Choose a suitable vitamin-mineral complex with a high content of magnesium and calcium in support of the correct diet.

So, your bones receive enough essential substances and grow. Now im is needed support, for her responsible muscles. To strengthen the muscles, protein is unquestionably important, so eat at least 2 boiled eggs per day or 150-200 grams of boiled meat. Do not forget about vitamin C, it makes the muscles more elastic and firmer.

It is extremely important to sleep enough: only during a deep and healthy sleep your body produces a special hormone, which is responsible for the growth of bones. True, not so much the duration of sleep (which, however, should not be less than 8 hours), how much its quality. Therefore, before going to bed, ventilate the room and provide complete darkness, tightly pulling the curtains. Eliminate the possibility of any noise, take soothing teas about an hour before hibernation, and think about the comfort of the bed. Sleep in comfortable and clean clothes from natural materials и обязательно согревайте руки и ноги – удивительно, но это также очень помогает росту.

Nutrients to the bones are delivered with blood – so you need to improve its circulation and oxygen saturation. it делать quite easily – just provide yourself daily exercise, and better, if they are in the open air. Blood will be purified along with the intake of oxygen, and the active movement will awaken the body to growth. Also, every day try to perform a well-known and very simple exercise of yoga: stand up straight and relaxed, close eyes and start to stretch crown to the ceiling, trying not to raise shoulders. It unnoticed stretches the spine, awakens all of its nerve endings and stimulates growth.

Do not smoke and try to drink alcohol as much as possible: this has a negative effect on growth. Be sure to drink enough water, at least 6 glasses per day – it improves and nourishes the cell membrane, and the bones receive all the necessary substances.

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