How to steam off the heels

How to steam off the heels
The skin of the feet quickly becomes dry and rough. And this is especially noticeable on the heels. That's why they need regular care, based on foot baths. They well steam out the skin and favor its further processing.

You will need
  • – a basin, warm water, pumice, polishing nail files, a towel;
  • – tea tree oil or mint, chamomile broth, nettle, needles for foot baths;
  • – Aloe or a mixture of honey, melted butter and egg yolk for softening compress.
Clean the rough skin on the heels gradually, layer by layer and only after preliminary stripping. Immerse your feet (feet) in a basin of hot water – 45-50оС. As it cools, add pre-cooked water of a higher temperature. This will make the skin softer, and its treatment faster.

After careful steaming heels remove the pitted horny layer of skin. And that it was cleaned, and not turned into rags, rub it in one direction, and not in different directions. Dip your feet into the water for a few more minutes. Next, lightly drying with a towel, grind the skin first with a saw with a coarse coating, and then fine. And at the end of the procedure, rinse your feet with cool water, pat dry with a towel, grease with a nutritious cream, and to enhance its action, wear socks made from natural fabric.

При образовании на пятках глубоких воспаленных трещин используйте для их отпаривания бактерицидные средства, например, добавьте в воду 2-3 капли масла чайного дерева, настойки или отвара календулы, ромашки, хвои. А после ванночки сделайте смягчающий компресс из мякоти алоэ. Приложите его на просушенную кожу (мякотью к трещинам) и, забинтовав, оставьте на ночь. Утром смажьте heels cream. Repeat this every day until the cracks are tightened.

If the cracks on the heels are not deep and without signs of inflammation, do after the foot bath softening compress made of melted butter, honey and egg yolk. Mix them in equal amounts, apply to the skin, cover it with oilcloth and fix with a bandage. Leave for the night, and in the morning, rinse your feet with water and apply cream. Repeat daily until the skin is completely regenerated.

При сильно загрубевшей коже делайте ножные ванночки ежедневно, а с целью профилактики образования трещин – один раз в неделю. Для распаривания пяток используйте разные средства. Для снятия напряжения с ног подходит эфирное масло мяты (1-2 капли). Для омоложения кожи – морская соль, овсяные хлопья или отвар из свежих листьев крапивы. Для лечения трещин на пятках – крахмальные и травяные ванночки.

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