How to stay in shape the whole pregnancy

How to stay in shape the whole pregnancy
During of pregnancy women experience not only joy and happiness from the upcoming birth of the baby. Often these feelings are mixed with feelings about the appearance and loss of the figure. However, to keep the form and beauty in this period is quite simple.

Make together with the doctor an approximate menu in accordance with your state of health. Include in it cereals, vegetables, dairy products, meat. Remember that if you observe the foundations of proper nutrition, you will not need "for two", since the body will receive with food all the necessary substances to maintain your baby's health. Vitamins take only as prescribed by the doctor, limit the amount of sweet, salty, fried and smoked foods. In this case, you will not gain excess weight, and your figure will remain beautiful.

Every day, drink enough water, because your body should not experience its lack. Teas, juices, soups refer to liquid products, so their volume does not count. In addition, water will help prevent premature birth, to protect the skin from the appearance of dryness.

Do not neglect gymnastics for pregnant women. However, do all exercises carefully, after consulting with the instructor. If it's difficult for you to do something, give it up. Sign in the pool – swimming will improve your mood and strengthen your muscles. Walk daily in the fresh air, for example, in a park or garden.

Носите корректирующее белье. Бандажи и специальные бюстгальтеры защитят вашу кожу от чрезмерного растягивания в связи с изменением фигуры. Выбирайте натуральные ткани в одежде и обуви. Не стоит облачать себя в бесuniform балахоны, объемные комбинезоны или платья. Сейчас в продаже много стильных и модных вещей, которые позволят вам ощутить себя привлекательной даже в этот период.

Красивый внешний вид также играет немаловажную роль, поэтому ухаживайте за собой ничуть не меньше, чем до of pregnancy. Replace all the restoratives you use in your daily life with those that are permitted during pregnancy and will not harm the fetus. Especially it concerns lotions against stretch marks or cellulite и средств для груди. Выбирайте интенсивно увлажняющие кремы для лица, тщательно очищайте кожу, чтобы не появились высыпания. Для предотвращения возникновения гиперпигментации кожи весь срок вынашивания ребенка пользуйтесь средствами с солнцезащитными фильтрами. Улучшить состояние волос можно за счет ополаскивания отварами трав and flowers, head massage. And of course, continue to apply makeup if in this way you will feel a little happier. Use perfume compositions with caution, only in the absence of contraindications.

And of course, the love and care of your loved ones will also help you stay in shape for the duration of your pregnancy. Their support, approval, compliments are very important to you, so do not hesitate to ask them about it. Also you can arrange a small photo session с супругом, и вы увидите, что ваша фигура стала еще привлекательнее.

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