How to stay beautiful during pregnancy

How to stay beautiful during pregnancy
Pregnancy is not an excuse to refrain from caring for the face, body, hair and nails. Women want to look attractive. However, it should be borne in mind that hormonal changes take place in the body and care should be taken for the health of the baby's future, therefore, not all procedures and cosmetics are suitable for a pregnant woman.

During pregnancy, the skin becomes particularly sensitive, so care should be taken with neutral products designed for sensitive skin of the face, neck and body.

Do not give up decorative cosmetics. Use only the one that before pregnancy did not cause allergies and redness of the eyelids, lips and skin of the face. Observe the rules of minimalism. You do not need to appear at all in public without make-up, but you should not make a battle paint.

Refuse to build nails. During their manufacture harmful substances are released, this can negatively affect the health of the child. In addition, hormonal reorganization that occurs in your body can play a cruel joke, accrued nails will simply begin to be rejected, bubbles will appear under them and you will have to revisit the salon so that the master will take them off. To maintain the beauty of nails, it is sufficient to systematically make manicures and pedicures. These procedures are not contraindicated to pregnant women.

Dye your hair only with natural dyes, made on the basis of henna and basma. Chemicals for staining during pregnancy are contraindicated. Do not do chemical perm and long-term styling.

Do not use a mechanical epilator. During pregnancy, you can remove excess vegetation from your legs with a floating machine. Depilation with wax is also contraindicated.

When choosing cosmetics, face and body cream, carefully read the instructions. Do not use products made with retinoids, изотретиноином и акутаном. Данные вещества, проникая в кожу, способны вызвать пороки в развитии плода.

Чтобы предотвратить растяжки, носите дородовой бандаж и ежедневно используйте крем, предназначенный для беременных женщин. Не забывайте, что ухаживать следует не только за животом, но и за грудью.

When the first manifestations of varicose stars receive a doctor's recommendation, use anti-varicose elastic underwear and a cream based on grapes or horse chestnut.

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