How to start nail extensions

How to start nail extensions
Nail extensions are a complicated procedure. The master needs to be extremely attentive and scrupulous, so that the client's hands after the buildup look beautiful and neat. At first glance it seems that it is easy and simple to grow nails. In fact, this procedure includes many components that are important to know and respect to each specialist.

First of all, study the rules of personal hygiene and hand hygiene. This will protect against the occurrence of infections after building. Do not hesitate to ask the visitor to wash your hands with soap before the procedure, and then necessarily wipe them with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. In addition, the desktop should have a clean cloth to wipe your hands, and a special brush – to shake off the dust after filing nails. At the end of the procedure, always wash brushes and tools, disinfect them with special lamps or alcohol.

Carefully study the safety and health regulations in the workplace, especially if you are going to наращивать nails to strangers. The room should be constantly ventilated, well lit, all chemical liquids should be tightly closed. Remember that customer safety is most important.

Study the structure and physiology of nails, this will allow you to better navigate during the build-up, because you can immediately recognize возможные болезни рук или ногтей и вежливо отказать клиенту, чтобы не заражать остальных. Также это позволит выбрать правильную форму нарощенного ногтя, а во время процедуры не задеть важные части ногтевой пластины.

Познакомьтесь с материалами, которые используются в процессе наращивания ногтей. Все они имеют разную структуру, разное время скрепления с ногтем и выполняют свои определенные функции. Изучите, какой материал наиболее безопасный и удобный в использовании, более качественный и устойчивый к внешним воздействиям. На первом этапе важно овладеть именно техникой наращивания, как с помощью геля, так и с помощью акрила. Использование типс и френч-наращивание также имеют свои особенности, которые необходимо знать каждому мастеру.

Look on the Internet video different ways of nail extensions. As a rule, it shows a clear order of actions, the use of special tools and equipment, answers are given to various questions. Copy the extension technique on a separate sheet, learn it or hang the sheet as a hint over the desktop.

But it's best to enroll in special courses to build nails. There you will pass obligatory instruction, and learn techniques. And the instructor will explain your possible mistakes during the build-up, teach different technologies of nail design, drawing of drawings and ornaments.

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