How to start going to a solarium

How to start going to a solarium
A beautiful, even tan is especially attractive in a cold period, when, due to lack of sunlight, the faces of most people become pale, almost gray. An excellent opportunity to get a golden tint of the skin is now provided by the solarium. But to achieve the desired result and not to harm your body, beginners should know some rules for their visit.

Before you decide for the first time to cross the threshold of the solarium, make sure that you do not have medical contraindications to his visit. If you have any chronic medical conditions, consult your doctor. It is better to forget about artificial sunburn, if you suffer from diabetes, thyroid diseases, oncological diseases, and also caught cold and did not have time to recover or take strong medicines, including. antibiotics.

Solarium It is harmful if you have many birthmarks and freckles on your body. And if you performed any procedures with the skin (cleansing, epilation, grinding, etc.), you will have to wait until the skin is restored.

Если никаких противопоказаний нет, постарайтесь выбрать хороший специализированный салон, сотрудникам которого не безразлична его репутация. Ведь вы хотите стать более привлекательной и при этом себе не навредить, значит, для вас должно быть важно, какие услуги предоставляются в салоне, какими лампами для загара пользуются и насколько квалифицированно вам могут дать советы и помочь в выборе средств для загара.

A good tan you can get in any solarium – both horizontal and vertical. But try to start your visits from the vertical. Find out how many lamps there are (it should be from 42 to 48), and how far they have developed their resource. Do not go where rarely change the lamp, because you do not get a good tan. But beginners should not also sunbathe if the lamps have worked less than 50 hours, as there is a possibility of quickly burning out.

В первый раз не стоит задерживаться в солярии более 3-4 минут, во второй раз (не ранее, чем через 48 часов) можно увеличить время еще на минутку, но здесь все зависит от вашего цветотипа.

Make a plan of visits. To get the right color and fix it, it's enough to go to the solarium for no more than three weeks, two or three times a week. In any case, linger in one session for more than 15 minutes, in no case it is impossible – every oncologist warns you about this. After getting the right tan, take a break for at least a month before going to the solarium again.

Before entering the solarium do not use deodorant, do not take a bath or shower, and also remove makeup. To protect you will need: a cream for the skin, moisturizing lip balm, a cap or scarf for hair, stikini (stickers on nipples) или салфетки, очки. Конечно, есть риск получить светлые круги вокруг глаз, если будете пользоваться очками, поэтому многие просто закрывают глаза. Но – выбор за вами.

Suntan cream is better to buy in a solarium, tk. normal, for sunlight, in this case is not suitable. But for the first time a cream, probably, it is not necessary to take – sunburn "will seize" and so.

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