How to start a diet in 2017 year

How to start a diet in 2017 year
Very many people at least once in their lives had to sit on diet – for medical reasons or, which happens much more often, because of excess weight. And those who underwent this test know how hard it is to force themselves to begin to observe the restrictions in food. However, there are rules, following which, you can make the transition to dietary nutrition painless and even enjoyable.

Find the beliefs that you have taken from someone significant and authoritative. Beliefs about food, which you eventually made your own and even implant them in your head their children. Remember all these "people can not eat meat", "everything that lies on the plate, you need to finish eating", "without salt tasteless, without bread is not satisfying", "sweet is delicious, this is a reward" and others. Try also to remember from whom you have "picked up" these beliefs and whether those who gave them to you "overweight" were overweight.

Work with these beliefs hostile to your figure. Write them out, consider them, realize their harm, daily applied to your body. For example, the habit of eating up everything that lies on a plate when you are already full.

Having neutralized at least partially the "viruses" that prevent you from eating properly and look good, start creating motivation. In principle, any, but specific: a fashionable dress for a couple of sizes smaller than the current clothes, the attention of a loved one or the return of sexual relations with her husband, well-being and подтянутые hips and so on. Motivation "grow thin on 10 kg "is an unsuccessful stimulus, which is unlikely to program you for high-quality diet compliance.

Choose yourself diet. Благо сегодня ассортимент их настолько велик, что найти что-то подходящее могут люди с любыми вкусовыми предпочтениями. Единственное «но» – не стоит начинать с жестких диет, пугая организм и заставляя жестоко страдать его от радикальных перемен в меню.

Make yourself a menu for several days and buy the products that you need for cooking. In passing, review the contents of the refrigerator, without trying, however, at last to eat everything that you can not tomorrow. Feed fatty shpikachki neighbor cat, fried chicken and salad olivier – a neighbor. If you look in the refrigerator, you will not find there harmful products, then you are unlikely to go to the nearest store for them, and, therefore, avoid the danger of breaking diet.

Go in for sports. Let it be at least 15 minutes bodyflex. But certainly 2 times a day and certainly one of them – in the evening. After physical activity, there is usually no desire. And there and until the moment when you have to go to bed, very close.

Cook for yourself with love. Find out the useful properties of the products you are about to eat. This will allow you to feel not anxiety, but gratitude to yourself for caring for your body. Learn, for example, a salad of cabbage, salad "Iceberg" and stalks of celery with мягкой brynza, do not be lazy to look into the Internet to read how many vitamins, essential minerals, useful fiber in its components and how low it is.

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