How to stab hair in your hair

How to stab hair in your hair
Lush curls or long flowing strands look great, but they are not appropriate in every situation. Sometimes you need to make a more strict hairstyle. Hair, neatly folded into the shell or pinned in a careless bunch, will look no less beautiful.

You will need
  • – large hairpins;
  • – Invisibility;
  • – studs;
  • – Spray for styling;
  • – hair spray;
  • – Thin comb.
Owners of long and semi-long hair need to have a small arsenal, capable at any time to transform hair. It will take a couple of large hairpins – everyday, for hair color and evening – more noticeable, decorated with rhinestones, mother of pearl or cloth draperies. Do not interfere with the classical шпильки, hairpins and invisible combs. With these accessories, you can staple your hair in dozens of different ways, suitable for all occasions.

Wash and dry the strips. Straight strands can be wound on large curlers to give them splendor. Slightly smooth them with a comb with sparse teeth and twist into a net tow, tucking the ends of the hair inside. Secure the tourniquet with a large flat barrette. Sprinkle the stitch with a light fixing spray or a hairspray of weak fixation. You can try another version of this styling. Twist the hair and pin the hairpin so that the ends of the hair hang freely over it. It turns out a very informal hairstyle, in harmony with everyday clothes.

For more formal cases, hair can be stabbed in a classic bundle. Carefully comb them and apply mousse along the entire length – this will make the strands smooth and obedient. Fix the hair on the back of the head with a thin rubber band. Pull the tail into a bundle, fold it into a bundle and fasten it with hairpins to the hair color. A ready hairstyle can be decorated by putting on top a grid, crocheted or pry a pair of decorative studs.

Очень торжественно смотрится и французская fold. Scrub your hair, lightly brush them with a comb. Pull the strands to one side and slit a series of invisible, fixing them. Carefully smooth the hair from the opposite side and twist them into a roll, holding them with your fingers. As the folds form, fix it with studs. Stab them at an angle to the head – this will ensure a good fixation. Form the hair on the forehead, gently combing them on one side. Scrunch your hair with a strong lacquer.

Universal accessory for instant packing, appropriate in the morning and evening – a large barrette in the form of bow of silk or velvet, complemented by a bag of mesh crocheted. Smooth hair, chop them on the back of the head in a low tail and put it in the net. Hairstyle in retro style is ready. It will look great with jeans or a strict evening gown.

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