How to spin a scythe inside out

How to spin a scythe inside out
Spit inside out – this is another name for the French braid, which not so long ago gained immense popularity. The French braid can be braided in the form of a basket or left hanging on the back. Having mastered the technique of weaving, you can create different hairstyles: from classical to retro.

The technique of plaiting braids inside out

A smooth braid is no longer in fashion and gradually becomes a thing of the past. At the peak of popularity – a scythe inside out. Its advantage is that even braided thin hair looks lush and bulky. The length of the hair does not really matter: the French braid can be braided on the hair, which ends just below the shoulders.

The basis of weaving the braid inside out is that strands of hair are intertwined from below, and not from above. First, the hair must be prepared. Wash them, dry them, apply mousse and comb. Strands will become soft, smooth and will not be electrified. Toss the braid inside out of the whole mass of hair. So, it will turn out to be long and dense.

Select a thick strand on the top of the head. Divide it into three even strands. In order to easily learn the weaving, number the strands so: on the right side – strand number 1, in the middle – strand number 2, on the left side – strand number 3. Begin the weaving: strand number 1 shift to strand number 2. Strand No. 3, move under the lock number 1. Now, from the loose hair on the left side, separate the small string and connect it to the string No. 2. While holding lock 2, move it to the bottom. Now, from the loose hair on the right side, take a small string and connect it to the central strand.

Do the weaving in this way until the end of the hair. You just need to attach the strands to the right, then to the left of the free hair. Fix the end of the braid with an elastic band. Smooth the hair on both sides and sprinkle them with varnish. If some strands are knocked out of the braid, pin them with invisible ones.

Different hairstyles with a French scythe

Spinning the scythe inside out, you can not stop at what has been achieved, but continue to create a hairstyle. So, if you want the braid to look bulky, pull its loops from both sides an equal distance. Do this carefully so as not to damage the braid. After fixing the hinges with hairspray. Decorate evening hair with studs with rhinestones: simply insert the studs into each link of the braid. Brilliant and iridescent rhinestones will create a very festive look.

From the French spit you can make a kind of flower on your head. To do this, add the braid to the end, but do not fix it with a rubber band. Lift the pigtail to the vertex and fold it in a circle. The curls of the braids will look like the petals of a large flower. Put the tip of the braid inside and grab it with an invisible so that it does not come out. You can decorate this hairdo with a bow, hairpin, hairpins with rhinestones.

You will have a beautiful evening hairstyle, if you braid not one plait inside out, but two. They can also be folded in a circle on the vertex to make an interesting decoration.

Very original looks like a braid braided not from top to bottom, but diagonally. In addition, you can braid the braid around the entire perimeter of the head. Before you take on the execution of complex hairstyles, learn how to beautifully braid a French braid. In this case, only constant practice will help you.

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