How to smooth out brow wrinkles

How to smooth out brow wrinkles
Skin is a natural barrier to the human body, which takes on all the impacts of the external environment. Over time, the skin appears various defects, especially wrinkles. To smooth them or delay their appearance, there are many ways, from Botox injections to simple exercises.

Where do wrinkles come from?

No matter how hard you try, you can not prevent wrinkles. But you can postpone it. Smeared wrinkles appear among the first, since these are mimic wrinkles. Unlike the "crow's feet", they not only give out age, but also give the person a sullen and harsh appearance. Mimic wrinkles appear not so much from active mimicry as from weak elasticity of the skin.

Elasticity depends on many factors, one of the most important – moisturizing the skin (this is affected not only by moisturizing with the help of cosmetics, but also the amount of water consumed and the quality of the food). Smoking, prolonged exposure to the sun, pollution of urban air, too, does not affect the skin favorably.

Natural aging is the second most important reason for the appearance of wrinkles – again, because with age, the skin becomes drier. Often the cause of the appearance of interbrow wrinkles lies in the constant negative emotions, because of which the person is constantly frowning. The habit of wrinkling the forehead is also in people with poor eyesight who do not like to wear glasses or lenses.

Ways to get rid of brow wrinkles

The most popular and effective way is the subcutaneous administration of Botox. The downside is that this method is not affordable for everyone. In addition, Botox does not properly influence all people, and if the wrinkles are too deep, they are unlikely to be completely smoothed out. Plus, if you still decided to inject botox, you need to carefully approach the choice of a doctor and a clinic.

You can cope with wrinkles in Home conditions. To restore the skin elasticity and moisturize it will help the oil solution of vitamin E, which must be applied daily to problem areas. Well restore the health and youth of the skin, olive oil and aloe juice. You can make compresses of chamomile: wet the napkin and leave on the face for a quarter of an hour. Such a compress will not only moisturize the skin, but will also relax in general.

Massage can be quite effective, which can also be done at home. Every day for 2-3 minutes, the middle finger pin should be taped along the wrinkles and towards the eyebrows. Effective also is the exercise, in which the palm is put on the forehead, and the eyebrows go up. Thus, the facial muscles are strained and trained, and the skin acquires a tone and elasticity. In any case, if you decide to return the youth to youth, prepare for the fact that the procedures should be regular. Otherwise, you will not get any effect.

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