How to smooth hair

How to smooth hair
Damaged hair have an untidy appearance, are shaken and live their own lives, refusing to lie flat or fit into the hairstyle. This is due to various reasons, but still the main factor in their poor state is mechanical and chemical damage. but to put in order the curls is quite simple.

Используйте восстанавливающие или разглаживающие средства for hair. The benefit of their assortment in stores is huge, the main thing is to choose exactly what will suit your disobedient hair personally. Only regular care and use of one brand помогут немного разгладить поврежденную структуру.

Do masks twice a week, which should contain a maximum of nutrients and moisturizers. But you can simply apply to hair жирные сливки, сметану и подержать 20-30 минут, затем все тщательно смыть шампунем. Вместо масок подойдет и репейное масло, а также смесь из камфорного и репейного, которую нужно держать on the hair 40-120 minutes.

Try not to dry hair hair dryer, let them dry naturally. And choose a comb from natural wood, it restores the curls a little and gives them shine. But denticles must be intact. To change such a brush you need at least 3 times a year.

Use regularly restoring serums. They are somewhat like oil, but do not weight volos, completely absorbed deeply into the structure. They are enough expensive, but also grabs them not on one month. Apply it to damp hair и только на ту часть, которая сильно пушится.

If you decide straighten hair ironing, предварительно нанесите термозащиту, ведь нездоровые hair this can only be damaged more. Pulling curls with forceps can be very rare, as well as drying them with a hairdryer or winding curling iron.

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