How to slow down the growth of hair on your legs

How to slow down the growth of hair on your legs
Epilation is a problem of modern women. Sometimes hair on legs too quickly grow. Slow them down growth it is possible, but only this work is very laborious and requires special attention and concentration. Also, the procedures should be followed regularly.

You will need
  • Epilator, wax strips, potato, cotton swab
В первую очередь начните shave feet with epilator. After using a shaver hair очень быстро начинаю отрастать. Удаление эпилятором сделает hair on legs It is thinner, since it depletes the hair follicles, in growth volos will slow down. Of course, this procedure is very painful, but with time you will get used, so painfully already will not.

Try using wax strips. This procedure is also very painful, but the effect is worth it. First of all, the frequency growthbut the hair is noticeable decreases. Со временем прибегать к epilation waxing you will be less and less likely, since hairs will grow much more slowly. On epilation wax you will spend less time than hair removal with the help of a depilator.

To slow down growth hair, use the juice of a young potato. Several times a week, rub the juice of young potatoes into your feet. Take 2-3 potatoes of medium size, squeeze out their juice, then apply on a cotton swab and rub their feet. Do this procedure regularly, because from one time it is almost impossible to achieve the desired result.

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