How to slow down the growth of facial hair

How to slow down the growth of facial hair
Hair on female Facial are a very unpleasant phenomenon. From the moment of puberty, such hair can begin to grow on the chin, upper lip or on the cheeks. That's why every woman wants to get rid of them. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies that help to slow down growth unnecessary hair.

Before resorting to any methods that slow growth hair on Facial talk to your doctor. After all, excessive growth hair on the female Facial can be a sign of a serious health problem.

So, in order to reduce on Facial growth hair, eat only healthy and healthy food. Experts recommend a diet that contains a lot of fruits and vegetables, useful vegetable oil and low-fat meat, and also advise you to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. With the help of such power, your weight will decrease or remain at the same level. In turn, weight reduction helps to lower the level of hormones in the body, which are responsible for growth hair on the face skin.

Drink one cup of mint tea twice a day. It will lower the level of testosterone in your body and thus contribute to reducing growthbut hair on Facial.

Every day, treat the surface of the face with a natural scrub, and also rub it with a vegetable-based tonic. Dermatologists claim that this helps to reducegrowthь growthа волос.

Смешайте в равных пропорциях: куркуму, воду и муку гороха нут, чтобы получилась достаточно густая паста. Нанесите получившуюся смесь на те области лица, где у вас grow hair. When the mask is dry, gently remove it from the skin. If you do this mask regularly, then the hair on Facial will grow much slower или вообще исчезнут.

Используйте кремы-депиляторы, которые предназначены специально для удаления волос в области лица. Как правило, производители выпускают множество кремов, которые обладают свойством постепенно снижать growth hair when they are used regularly.

Also effective for reducing growthbut hair on Facial is a wax epilation. This is a rather painful way, but it gives a fairly long result. When the hairs are pulled out, their root is damaged, which contributes to growthfor the thinnest and weakest hair or for partial cessation growtha.

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