How to slow down aging

How to slow down aging
Old age is perceived by man as an enemy. And it's not surprising. After all, getting old, a person gets sick more often, becomes forgetful, and at times irritable and grumpy. One hundred percent medicine for old age does not exist. But there is a set of measures that help to look better and feel more energetic and energetic.

You will need
  • A healthy lifestyle, a cream against wrinkles, a balanced diet, a large amount of fluid, a full-fledged sleep, physical activity.
An important factor in the process of slowing down aging is a healthy lifestyle. It includes the refusal of smoking, alcohol and other bad habits. It is desirable to exercise regularly. Choose what you like best: swimming, running, brisk walking, sports games, dancing and so on. It has been scientifically proven that the increase in motor activity is directly proportional to the increase in life expectancy. Exercises will help you stay in great physical shape and maintain the flexibility of the joints. And this means that you will not be bothered by back pain and various arthritis.

To prolong youth it is important to maintain a normal weight. As you know, overweight contributes to the emergence of a number of diseases. This varicose veins, diseases of the cardiovascular system. Excess weight simply creates an additional burden on the work of all organs. Eating should be balanced. After all, in malnutrition, too, there is nothing good. During a meal, thoroughly chew food. Experts recommend making at least 25 chewing movements before swallowing food. The longer we chew food, the less it is required for saturation. So, the problem of excess weight is solved automatically.

Getting enough vitamins by the body is very important. You can buy special vitamin and multivitamin complexes, increase the proportion of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Healthy food is the source of essential elements for the body, such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Magnesium, zinc and calcium are mood regulators. And vitamin E is responsible for the beauty and youth of the skin. Another element that is a powerful antioxidant is selenium. Its large amount is contained in Brazil nuts.

Water is the most important product for the body. Without it, you expect such ailments as aching joints, poor blood circulation, poor kidney function, slow mental activity. In addition, sufficient fluid intake every day is a guarantee of good mood.

Use anti-wrinkle cream based on natural ingredients such as rose hips, sage, myrrh, rosewood, chamomile. Apply the cream regularly, and not occasionally. The use of anti-aging agents improves skin tone, reduces wrinkles, and moisturizes the face well. There are special anti-aging creams with vitamin C. They are sold in sealed packages. If you see a cream with vitamin C, which is packaged in a conventional bottle with an unscrewing lid, know that there will be no use for such a remedy. Another trick of manufacturers is a cream with collagen. Collagen molecules are very large, so when applied to the skin, they tend to remain on the surface, and then washed off with water. If the collagen molecules are in the cream in a modified state, there is a possibility that such a cream is more effective.

Sleep at least 8 hours per day. A good sleep will help you to think better and be less aggressive. Try to sit less at the TV, computer. Lack of sleep for a long time can greatly age the body, make it susceptible to various diseases and viruses. Chronic lack of sleep is a source of nervous tension and stress. Failure of circadian rhythms also affects the body badly. Therefore, when changing time zones, use special sleeping pills and sedatives.

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