How to sit on the Atkinson diet

How to sit on the Atkinson diet
Sitting on the Atkinson diet means almost completely abandoning foods rich in carbohydrates. Preference is given to fatty and protein foods, and such a diet will have to adhere to a long time.

The Atkinson Diet is a nutrition system developed by Dr. Robert Atkins. The purpose of the diet is to normalize the metabolism by reducing the amount of carbohydrates consumed. The doctor argues that you can eat food that is rich in protein and fat and at the same time lose weight.

The Atkinson diet includes 4 stages: an initial or stimulating stage, a stage of constant weight loss, a pre-supporting stage and a supporting stage. The duration of the first stage of weight loss is 2 weeks. You will need to consume 1200-200 Kcal per day, but make sure that the amount of carbohydrates taken does not exceed 20 g per day. In the rest there are no restrictions. You can eat any foods rich in fats and proteins. It is about meat, fish, poultry, shrimp and other seafood, as well as vegetable and animal oils.

On your table can be present nuts, olives, seeds, cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, cream, citrus and low-carb diet products. Do not let the feeling of hunger, but never get up from the table with a completely filled stomach. Vegetables choose only those that contain no more than 10% carbohydrates. These include sorrel, onion, pepper, celery, parsley, radish, cucumber, fennel, basil, dill, asparagus, thyme, all kinds of beans, rhubarb, all kinds of cabbage, peas, spinach, zucchini, beet tops, blue, pumpkin, tomatoes.

From drinks you can do everything that does not contain sugar and coffee. It is worth giving preference to herbal tea and mineral water. At the initial stage, you can not eat fruits, bread, cereals and starchy vegetables. After two weeks, the amount of carbohydrates in your diet can be raised to a level that would allow to keep the result achieved. This stage of trial and error. If you notice that the weight comes back, go back to the stimulating stage, and after its normalization, continue to experiment with the vykokouglevodnye products.

When you can keep your weight under control, then go on to a supporting diet. During this period you will also have to monitor the level of carbohydrates consumed. On average, you can afford up to 90 g of carbohydrates per day, but in any case this figure should allow you to keep your weight at the reached mark. Sitting on the Atkinson diet, it must be remembered that a lack of carbohydrates in the body can lead to the development of a variety of diseases. In particular, there may be an exacerbation of gout, a disease of the cardiovascular system, a violation of pressure and the work of the digestive tract.

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