How to simply dye your hair at home

How to simply dye your hair at home
Girls like frequent changes in appearance, including hair. They dye their hair in various colors and shades, color them and color them. But many girls can not afford the services of professional masters, so they ask for the services of girlfriends or cope on their own. To paint hair at home is not so scary and difficult. Having learned to dye your hair yourself, you will save not only your money, but also time.

You will need
  • – Hair dye (sold in packages with oxidant)
  • – Bowl for the preparation of the formula
  • – Brush
  • – Comb
  • – Balm for reconstitution after staining
  • – Gloves
Read carefully the instructions for preparing the formulation and applying the paint. Mix the paint and oxidant in the bowl, as indicated in the instructions. Paint at once.

Comb your hair. Before painting, the head is not to be washed, so the paint will be better fixed on the hair. Apply any protective cream along the hairline so that redness and traces of paint do not appear.

Throw hair over the bathroom, take a little paint with your hands (without a brush) and rub it into the roots of the hair all over your head, like rubbing a mask or oil. If you paint only the roots, then use more paint. Raise your head and apply a brush along the hair growth line, comb the comb.

Втирающими движениями нанесите краску на всю длину волос. Пройдитесь щеточкой по всей длине, будто расчесываетесь.
Use all the remaining paint and comb.

Soak the paint for a while and wash it off. Then wash your hair with shampoo and apply a restorative balm that will soothe the scalp and smooth out the scales of hair.

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