How to shave your chest

How to shave your chest
Shaving the breasts (as well as back, armpits and other, even more intimate areas) is a completely natural hygienic procedure for modern men. Yes, and women's smooth tanned chest it seems very attractive. In addition, with proper skill, the treatment of the body with a razor takes quite a bit of time.

You will need
  • – Shaver;
  • – packing of spare blades;
  • – shaving foam;
  • – After shave cream or baby cream;
  • – hydrogen peroxide or a blood-pencil.
Prepare the necessary tool – foam or shaving gel, after shave cream and, of course, a good safe razor. Choose a product of a proven manufacturer, best with a floating head and double or triple blades. Such models exclude irritation when shaving. Do not forget about the spare blades – they are dull quickly.

Shave chest лучше всего в душе. Включите теплую, но не горячую воду, тщательно смочите обрабатываемую поверхность. Нанесите на волосы пену или гель для бритья.

Take the shaver and start the treatment. Drive the blade smoothly, from top to bottom. First, process the left side, then the right side. It is more convenient for right-handers to act with their right hand.

Будьте особенно осторожны, обрабатывая область около сосков. Не делайте круговых движений – так можно порезаться. Периодически смывайте срезанные волоски и снова наносите пену.

Do not shave your hair against their growth – this can provoke their subsequent ingrowth. If you feel that the quality of work has deteriorated, change the blade.

Проведите ладонью против роста волос, осмотрите chest. The skin is smooth, and separately growing unnoticed hairs do not remain? Hence, the procedure was carried out correctly.

Blot chest towel and apply after shaving cream. Do not use lotion or cologne – the skin on the body is much more sensitive than on the face. If your skin is prone to irritation, you can try a soft baby cream.

After finding a cut, wipe it with a blood-stopping pencil or cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide.

Процедуру по удалению волос стоит повторять каждые три дня. Весь процесс занимает не более 10 минут и, при условии соблюдения всех правил, абсолютно безболезненен.

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