How to shave your armpits

How to shave your armpits
Shaving is considered the most simple and effective way to remove hair. The developed models of razors for both men and women allow you to shave your armpits painlessly and within minutes to achieve a perfectly smooth skin. Hair on the second or third day begins to grow again, so the procedure must be repeated regularly.

You will need
  • Machine, shaving foam, scrub, nourishing cream.
Before you start shaving armpits, надо принять душ. Горячая вода и пар смягчают кожу тела, открываются поры и размягчаются hair. The skin should be clean, so that during shaving in the pores and hair follicles did not get an infection.

Handle armpits special body scrub. Peeling helps to exfoliate dead cells and prevents ingrown hairs.

На подмышки нанести средство для бритья – мусс, крем или пенка. Использовать мыло не рекомендуется, так как оно сушит кожу.

Razor blade, before shave, moisten water and easy to hold on the skin. Strong pressing can damage the skin or cut.

Shave your hair armpits recommended from the top down, in the direction of growth volos, to avoid irritations and skin cuts. To achieve a perfectly smooth skin at the end of the procedure, you can walk the blade in the opposite direction – from the bottom up.

During the shaving process, the blade is washed several times to wash off the hair.

After shaving underarms humidify nutritious cream, irritated areas treated with hydrocortisone cream. This cream fast removes inflammation.

Rinse the razor thoroughly with water and dry.

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