How to shave with a dangerous razor

How to shave with a dangerous razor
Shaving with a dangerous razor is gradually returning to fashion, although it is unlikely that the shaving machines and electric shavers will be completely replaced. Nevertheless, fans of using a dangerous razor are increasingly communicating among themselves in forums, exchanging experience and valuable recommendations. Shaving a dangerous razor has its own characteristics, it requires attention and caution.

You will need
  • – опасная бритва;
  • – shaving foam;
  • – a mirror;
  • water.
Prepare the person for the upcoming procedure. To shave was comfortable, the skin on the face should be thoroughly moistened and steamed. You can wash yourself with hot water or damp a towel in it, squeeze it thoroughly and put it on your face for a few minutes. The hairs will then become soft, and the shaving will be as smooth as possible.

Press on the palm of shaving foam and gently apply it on those parts of the face that need to be shaved. If the foam is not at hand, you can use the usual soap, whisking it in a small container. In this case, the soap is applied to the face with a special soft brush. But it's better to use foam in bottles, which is ideal for shaving with a dangerous razor.

Возьмите опасную бритву в руку и начните сбривать щетину, начиная с правой стороны лица. Чтобы сбрить все волоски, следует провести лезвием по коже два или три раза, направляя бритву по ходу роста волос. Удобнее бриться, если одновременно с бритьем натягивать второй рукой кожу на лице.

Держите бритву так, чтобы угол между кожей и лезвием составлял около 30 градусов. Если угол будет меньшим, возрастает вероятность порезов, если сделать угол больше, тогда бритье не будет качественным.

After the shaving of the right side of the face, proceed to the left side. If it is more convenient for you to shave with your right hand, then do not try to change it to the left. As you gain the skill, you can easily shave the hairs even from the most inaccessible places.

After finishing with the cheeks, go to the lower jaw and chin. Tilt your head to the right and process the left side. Shave also the right side of the lower jaw. Chin is easier to shave, if you throw your head back slightly.

When all the bristled areas are processed, inspect the face in the mirror. If there are still hairs in some places, carefully remove them with a razor.

Wash thoroughly with cool water, then apply a hot, damp towel to your face. Such a contrast will help to remove the possible irritation and soothe the skin on the face.

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