How to shave properly

How to shave properly
Beautiful slender female legs are a powerful weapon in seducing men. But one natural beauty is not enough, it is necessary to take care of the skin regularly: exfoliate, nourish, moisten and, of course, get rid of excess hair.

Skin Preparation

Shaving is the most popular form of depilation. It saves time, money and is completely painless. In addition to the benefits of shaving has its drawbacks: cuts, ingrown hair, skin irritation. However, all this can be avoided.

First, treat the skin of your feet with a body scrub. This is necessary in order to exfoliate the keratinized particles and make the legs more smooth. It is better to use a scrub in the shower. So you additionally steam the skin, making it supple, and hairs – soft.

In the next step, apply a shaving aid on your feet. It can be in the form of gel, foam or mousse. Try not to use soap, as it dries the skin. If there is no special tool for women at hand, use a masculine or replace it with a soft shower gel.


Shave your legs only in the direction of hair growth. Neglect of this rule is the main cause of hair ingrowth. Use sharp blades, which shave clean the first time. Well, if they are equipped with a cooling pad or a strip of moisturizing cream. Repeated shaving on the same area can lead to injuries and skin irritation.

Do not press too hard on the machine, the movements should be light and smooth. As the shaver gets clogged, rinse it under a warm water jet. After the end of the procedure, rinse the remaining remedy and rinse the razor thoroughly.

Skin care

The skin after shaving is very sensitive, so apply a moisturizer right on your wet feet. Blot them with a soft towel and spread on cream or after shave lotion. You can also use milk or mousse for the body. Try to choose the products containing panthenol. This drug effectively and quickly soothes irritated skin, relieves redness, burning sensation and itching.

Please note, the more often you shave your legs, the faster your new hair will grow, so think twice before proceeding with the procedure the next day.

Do not remove excess hairs directly before visiting the pool, water park, solarium or beach. Chlorinated water and strong ultraviolet radiation can lead to even more irritation of the skin: the appearance of red spots and burning. For the same reason, do not apply self-tanning on freshly shaved skin. It is best to depilate the day before the planned event.

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