How to shave hands

How to shave hands
Dark long hair on hands to some extent adorn the strong half of humanity and give a manly appearance, but women suffer for this reason and try to cover their hands. But this problem is solved, you just need to shave undesirable hairs.

Before shaving the vegetation on hands, treat the skin with any scrub – this will help avoid ingrown hairs and remove the dead skin. Of course, if you regularly use a scrub, you do not need to do it again before the procedure.

Apply shaving foam to damp skin and wait a few minutes. Then, against the growth of hair, make a smooth movement machine. Use only safe machines, otherwise cut yourself. Pay attention to the sharpness of the blade – the cassette should be new.

Rinse your hands well under running water and apply a moisturizing after shave lotion. If you have sensitive skin, prone to irritation, then use a cream with salicylic acid or wipe your hands with a weak alcohol solution.

But shaving has a significant disadvantage – hairs grow quickly, become stiff and dybyatsya. If you want your hands to remain smooth for as long as possible, then first remove the vegetation epilator, and then shave off the remaining small hairs.

Completely replace the machine will help and wax strips. Hair after their use slowly grow, and their structure is not broken. Buy strips in any store, attach to clean skin of the hands and quickly rip against hair growth. Of course, the procedure is somewhat painful, but the effect is worth it.

If you can not tolerate pain, but are not happy with the quality of shaving, then use a depilatory cream. Apply it a thin layer on the skin, and after 3-7 minutes, simply remove the spatula. It is possible that this procedure will seem to you more pleasant than shaving. The hairs will grow in about 1-2 weeks. In any case, choose you. Some Women полностью устраивает удаление растительности с рук с помощью станка, но ради любопытства можно попробовать и другие варианты.

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