How to shave a bikini area

How to shave a bikini area
Shave zone bikini without irritation is simple enough, you just need to know some subtleties.

The problem of depilation is relevant for a modern woman, especially relevant in the area bikini, where the need to do everything is painless and qualitative. Shaving is the most accessible way to solve this problem. At the same time, hair is not removed forever, it's simple and inexpensive, you can experiment with various intimate haircuts. After the photo and laser hair removal you can not change anything, because it's forever. The depilatory cream most often removes hair unevenly. Waxing is often too painful, and it requires half a centimeter volos.

Take good men's reusable machine. He will help even make a complex drawing. Same Men razors more acute. The machines intended for shaving female legs have limbs that must save the legs from cuts, but they close the review while shaving the zone bikini. The purpose of the machine for the feet is large, smooth surfaces. It is also possible to connect replaceable cassettes from men's machine tools and a pen from a female razor.

Shaving area bikini any foam or gels that are on sale will do. It is important that the agent helps a good slip, foam sufficiently and has a neutral smell. Very suitable for this men's shaving gel. They not only meet all of the above requirements, but also look after the skin. If you have to do everything in the field conditions, то подойдет и кондиционер для волос.

Do shaving on the growth of hair, it will help to avoid cuts, irritation, ingrowth of hair.

Shaving area bikini важна поза, от нее зависят зоны, которые будут вам доступны. Расположитесь так, чтобы зона bikini became flat, straighten, smooth the skin in the process. Maybe it will be convenient for you to squat over a mirror.

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