How to sharpen the knives of a hair clipper

How to sharpen the knives of a hair clipper
With regular use of machines for haircuts hair before its owner sooner or later the problem arises blunt knives. And often such simple enough manipulation, as sharpening of blades of the machine, confuses the user of this device.

Check how much your blades are blunted. It is quite easy to do this. When the blades are not too stupid, they can occasionally crush hair, damage them. An urgent need to sharpen the knives of the typewriter will indicate the impossibility of cutting a man, a full and constant crushing of the hair, the appearance of pain sensations when a haircut is made by the person to whom the hair is made. As soon as you notice such "symptoms", immediately look for an option how to sharpen the blades of your device.

The easiest way to sharpen knives is to take the device to professionals. Literally in a few minutes the wizard with the help of special instruments and tools will bring the blades of your typewriter in order.

You can try to sharpen the knives yourself. To do this, you will need a special bar, which is usually sharpened kitchen knives. Carefully, not hurrying, spend blades on the bar back and forth. Repeat the movements until you get the desired sharpness. Check the sharpening on a small piece of fur.

If you have a lathe, then the task becomes even simpler. To sharpen the blades, you will need an aluminum disk with a diameter of 120-160 mm. Apply to it an abrasive paste, use a magnet to attach a knife to it. Now you can sharpen. Just do it very carefully so as not to hurt your hands.

Try using ordinary sandpaper for sharpening. Place a piece of cloth between the blades of the device. Then turn on the machine. In the process of "cutting" the blade accurately, and most importantly, it's safe to sharpen.

Как вариант, можете воспользоваться шлифовальной machine. With its help you will do everything very carefully and quickly.

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