How to shade a pencil for the eyes

How to shade a pencil for the eyes
Gothic image, dark expressive eyes became popular in the fall of 2010. Makeup smoky eyes used by many designers and stylists in their shows. In the summer 2011 years smoky eyes have changed a little, but have become no less loved among bold connoisseurs of fashion. Now this make-up can be done not only with the help of a black-and-gray range of shadows and pencils, but also to experiment with bright summer flowers. Purple, green, yellow, orange smoky eyes will not leave you unattended.

You will need
  • Consoler for the eyes, black or colored pencil, several shades of shadows, brush for feathering.
To fulfill this makeup, you need to know the following simple technique. To start eyes It is necessary to prepare for applying decorative cosmetics. Remove small capillaries, bruises under eyesmi, irregularities and other shortcomings will help the eye contourer or corrector. The masking agent should be light and imperceptible on the skin. Apply a few drops of the scanner under the lower and upper eyelid and pat, massage movements mask the flaws. So eyes will look more fresh and ready to perform basic make-up.

Now in pencil draw a line along the contour eyes From below and from above, starting from the temple and moving to bridge of the nose. Четко старайтесь следовать контуру и направляйте карандаш ближе к линии ресничной зоны. Теперь возьмите спонж или кисть для растушевки, начиная от переносицы, растушевывайте четкую линию карандаша. На внешнем уголке eyes make it wider than on the inside.

For the smoky eyes effect, use black-and-gray or colored shadows. On the mobile eyelid area (fold) along the entire line, apply dark color gamma, and the rest eyes (motionless eyelid) shade more light. Dilute the feather brush now all the makeup, so that there are no clear boundaries between the flowers. Area of ??the lower eyelashes draw light shadows for greater blur effect.

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