How to set yourself less is

How to set yourself less is
Many people want to limit the amount of food consumed, that's just not all of them get to realize their good intentions. And this is due to weak willpower. After all, it is so pleasant to "seize" stress or any life's turmoil. It's simple, fast and affordable for almost everyone. But only after the euphoria of the first minutes comes a deep remorse.

You will need
  • – дневник;
  • – Photo of a very slender or very fat person.
Choose for yourself the main goal. For example, you want to eat less to grow thin к лету или чтобы носить любимые джинсы. Вы должны to want this is all the fibers of the soul.

Create a diary in which you will celebrate all your achievements and failures. In its beginning, in large letters, write down your main goal. Then write everything that will give you a restriction in nutrition. For example, you can again wear short skirts, your more complete friends will envy you, you will again be attractive to your spouse and so on. The more pluses you find, the easier it will be for you to give up eating. Daily (you can right from the morning) read all list. This will help make your will power more reliable.

Hang on the refrigerator photo. It can be a picture of a slender person or, conversely, very fat. And in that, and in another case, in the refrigerator you will look less often.

Write down all your small and large victories in the diary. For example, you dropped another kilogram or you could put on an old skirt. This will inspire you to the following achievements. On the back side notebooks write all your failures. For example, that you could not refuse a cake or ate an extra candy.

В этой же тетради создайте список того, что доставит вам удовольствие. Например, покупка новой блузки, отдых в ночном клубе, сеанс массажа или поездка на курорт. Как только у вас случилась неприятность и появилось желание «заесть» проблему, открывайте эту страничку и выполняйте одно из своих желаний.
Massage will bring joy more than food

Create another list of smaller joys. And as soon as you really want to eat, fulfill one of your desires. For example, instead of excess ice cream, you can lie in a fragrant bath, sit on an interesting forum, watch a movie or lie on a sofa with a book.

Go in for sports. After exercise, the body simply does not allow you to eat a fat chop, filled with mayonnaise.
Sports will help less eat

For several weeks, eat often (for example, every two hours), but in small portions (approximately a glass by volume). This will reduce the volume of the stomach, and you will consume less food at a time. In addition, during this restriction, you will not experience too much hunger.

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