How to Sell Hair

How to Sell Hair
Intending to make a short haircut instead of annoying long volos, you can not only cut your hair for free, but it's also good to earn it. The fact is that natural hair are the best material for making wigs, chignons and strands for building. Therefore, numerous studios and salons, in need of high-quality raw materials, are buying up hair in the population. Serious organizations not only pay money for hair, but also provide the opportunity to make a free model haircut after the necessary length of hair is cut off.

При продаже огромное value has a length (not less than 25 centimeters) and appearance volos. To improve their condition and, accordingly, raise the price for one to two weeks, do not use styling products and devices, apply regular restoring masks regularly and use balm after washing with shampoo. If you have unpainted hair with gray hair, then do not paint over it, since the presence of paint on the hair reduces their cost.

To find an organization that will buy your hair, view advertisements for buying hair on poles, in newspapers or on the Internet. Typically, these ads give beauty salons, studios build-up hair, goods stores for hairdressers.

The condition, length and color of the hair affect their cost. Depending on the look and place of sale 100 грамм волос You can sell for 500-10000 rubles. If your hair long, unpainted, silky, straight or curly, do not have the ends cut, then you can sell your braid at the highest price. Cheaper are not enough long, painted, gray, curly, tangled, dull, split strands.

Rate your hair and choose the most favorable offers, based on the state of your hair and rates indicated in the ad. Immediately before the visit to the buyer wash hair shampoo with the use of balm and carefully comb them.

Come to the organization that purchases hair and (if the final cost after the assessment of the master, you are satisfied), sit in the hairdresser's armchair. The wizard will scramble your hair и туго их завяжет резинкой, ниже которой примерно на пять сантиметров завяжет еще одну. Затем the hairdresser will separate the necessary part of hair, making a shear cut between two knotted rubber bands.

After part of the hair for sale is cut off, tell the master how you would like to cut one's hair. When the new haircut is completed, go to the administrator and get paid for the cut hair.

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