How to sculpt a figure with a massage

How to sculpt a figure with a massage
Although many do not believe that you can sculpt a figure with a massage, but desperate to lose weight on all sorts of barbarous diets and tired of torturing yourself in the gym, they still hope for a miracle. Moreover, this is not a fantasy, but a real opportunity to remove fat from the problem areas.

In the East, manual modeling of the body is extremely popular. This practice has already appeared in the West, but not many clients of beauty salons know about it. Simply put, this is not a massage, but a pinpoint impact on the active areas of the face and body, associated with internal organs.

Like any manual plastic, the method requires passing sports and balanced nutrition. In addition, acupressure heals the body, adjusting it to harmony. Manual technique provides what is not in the power to promise plastic surgery – a change in the face oval or the formation of an elegant thigh line.

For the uninitiated, it will be enough to know that the manual modeling of the body completely reprograms the body, forcing it to take new forms. Therefore, the procedure can only be performed by a highly qualified specialist whose services are expensive. Each session consists of 45 minutes of modeling massage and half an hour of relaxing manipulations – saunas, baths, phytotherapy. Usually, for an expressed and persistent result, 12-15 procedures are required.

To sculpt a figure with the help of a massage is easier when the fat deposits are burned, and you just need to straighten the molds. For local exposure to problem areas, manual plastics are used.

Even the skinny girls have "riding breeches", which are very difficult to remove with diet, sports and even surgically. There is a special kind of massage, removing not soft fat, but hard formations under the skin.

This is a directed procedure that affects a certain part of the body. As a result, alloys of cholesterol dissolve on the hips / waist / back, fibrosis and excess calcium deposits are removed. It is hand plastic that helps to get rid of cellulite.

To perform this procedure, you need to contact a specialist who will calculate the number of sessions and their intensity, depending on the degree of the problem. Procedures are held once in 7 days, with the master working first on one side of the body and only a week later starts the second. The average length of the session is 3 hours.

In addition, you can remove excess volume by means of vacuum massage, which is performed both in the cabin with the help of a special preparation, and at home with the help of ordinary medical cans. To massage did not cause harm, it is worth first consulting with a doctor. Vacuum or can massage is used to treat cellulite in combination with a special diet and hot wraps.

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