How to save youth, so as not to resort to plastic surgery

How to save youth, so as not to resort to plastic surgery
Correctly say: my years are my wealth. But it is desirable that it does not affect the appearance. The older we become, the harder we seek a universal means of preserving youth. The rabid rhythm of life, constant cares: the house, the children, the family do not allow enough time for themselves. It's a pity. After all, precious time is left that can not be returned. But not everything is so hopeless. There are simple ways to deceive the age. The secret is in using fresh fruits and vegetables.

You will need
  • Холодильник с морозильником, формочки для льда, фрукты: клубника, банан, яблоко, киви, виноград или любые другие, овощи: помидор, огурец, картофель, лист капусты и т.д., подходящий по типу кожи крем, скраб.
The most important condition for proper skin care is regularity, and not from time to time. Take for yourself the rule of devoting ten to fifteen minutes a day to yourself. In the morning, after washing, apply a day cream. In the summer – moisturizing and protecting from sunlight. In winter – softening without moisturizing ingredients.

In the evening, we need a little more time. First of all – to cleanse the skin.
We use water or milk, whichever is appropriate. Then we make masks. Daily. Not complicated,
from fruit and vegetables, which are available in the refrigerator. Just cut the fruit
and grease the face with juice. Such masks are convenient because they do not detract from the
usual occupations. Applying on the face, for example, a strawberry or a tomato, you can go watch TV
or prepare dinner for the household. After twenty or thirty minutes, the mask is washed off.

If the mask is reluctant to do or do not have time, very quickly you can return a fresh look to the face with a piece of ice. Only do not wipe immediately. Meltwater is very useful. Give it a good soak in the skin. Suitable for all types.

Один-два раза в неделю очищайте кожу основательно, скрабом. После того, как смыли, можно нанести смягчающий, детский крем. Дайте ему впитаться. Только потом наносите обычный ночной. И не забывайте про шею!

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