How to Rip a Face

How to Rip a Face
The easiest and most affordable way to do a deep cleansing of the face and prepare the skin for cosmetic masks is to steam out the face.
Due to the high efficiency of this procedure, it is widely used in expensive salons and at home.

You will need
    • Wide capacity, suitable glass or porcelain salad bowl
    • Large towel
    • Boiled water or herbal decoction
    • Various additives, according to the type of skin and personal preferences (essential oil, fresh or dried flowers and herbs, lemon, etc.)
First, prepare a face for active steam exposure.
Clean hair, удалите makeup and wash with warm water. Not necessary apply Protective cream on eyelids and wipe face with lotion. The face must be perfectly cleaned from any cosmetic of.
Налейте в плошку кипящую воду  или готовый травяной отвар.  Добавьте в воду  несколько капель эфирного масла или подготовленные свежие травы, flowers. Wait a minute until the scalding steam comes off.

Cover head towel and hold your face, for better opening of the pores and deep очищения,  над целебным ferry 10-15 минут.Во время процедуры не открывайте eyes, so as not to get a corneal burn.

Clean sweat or towel with sweat, rinse skin with warm boiled water.
Now the person is ready for the following procedures for skin cleansing – mechanical cleaning and applying cosmetic masks.

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