How to return youth

How to return youth
It would be nice, as in a fairy tale – Ivan the fool dived into the boiling pot, but left it young, slender and beautiful. Unfortunately, in life it does not happen. To return youth, you need to do a lot of work on yourself, spend a lot of time and energy. But the result will surpass all expectations.

You will need
  • – dry yeast;
  • – olive oil;
  • – sour cream;
  • – salt;
  • – Frozen fruits and berries;
Возьмите за правило хотя бы раз в неделю ходить в салон красоты. Опытный специалист подберет для вас индивидуальный курс по омоложению, проведет требуемые процедуры, даст советы по уходу за кожей.

Не получается ходить в салон, займитесь собой самостоятельно. Существует огромное количество рецептов питательных и омолаживающих масок, которые можно сделать дома.

For example, to smooth out wrinkles help mask from yeast. 2 tablespoons of dry yeast dilute with a little water. Add a spoonful of olive oil. Stir and apply the mask on face, neck and decollete for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Nourishes and moisturizes the skin mask from sour cream. 1-2 a spoonful of sour cream mixed with a pinch of salt. Apply on face, neck and decollete for 20-30 minutes. After rinse with warm water.

Fruit and berry juice gives the skin freshness. In special ice molds freeze berries or pieces of fruit. You can take strawberries, sea buckthorn, apple, grapes. Every day, wipe your face and neck with fruit ice. Essential changes you will notice in a couple of days.

Often go to the fresh air. Sitting all the time in a locked apartment is harmful to the body. Walk in the park, go on the nature or at least a few stops from work to the house go on foot.

Go in for sports. Run in the morning, sign up for the gym, aerobics, sports dances – choose what you like. Sports will help to keep your figure slim and attractive.

Stress is another enemy of youth. Therefore, smile, joke, laugh at spite of all adversities and sorrows. Do not take to heart the minor troubles that arise in your life.

A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition is also an important aspect for the extension of youth. Refuse from smoking, frequent use of alcohol. Forget about fast food and fatty foods. Eat more greens, salads, dietary products, drink natural juices. Also, to preserve youth, it is recommended to eat at least one apple a day.

Высыпайтесь. Недостаток сна приводит к хронической усталости, а это способствует быстрому старению организма. Спите не менее 7-8 часов в сутки. Позвольте организму отдохнуть и восстановиться во сне, и он наградит вас красотой и youthw.

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