How to return the natural color of hair

How to return the natural color of hair
It happens that you understand how your natural color volos Only after long experiments with other shades. And, if turning a blonde back into a brown-haired or brunette is a difficult task, then return volosam darkened color, their natural light shade is a long and difficult matter.

You will need
  • – peeling shampoo;
  • – краска на 1-2 тона темнее вашего естественного цвета;
  • – unstable paint.
Pity your volosDo not try to solve this problem once. In order to wash all the pigment overnight, you will have to use extremely aggressive washings that will not just damage the structure volosbut, in fact, destroy it.

Make as short a haircut as you can afford. Haircut not only simplifies the transition from stained volos to natural colory, but also allows volosThey grow faster, eliminate split ends, facilitate the whole mass volos, which also positively affects the healing of all the hair.

Wash volosы шампунями для глубокой очистки, также называющимися пилинг-шампунями. Из известных марок к ним относятся Herbal Essences Degunkify, Bonacure Deep Cleasing, Senscience Shiseido Lab. Такие шампуни отшелушивают мертвые клетки, мягко вымывают искусственный красящий пигмент, просто хорошо вымывают грязь и пыль, позволяя volosAm and scalp intensively absorb different masks. Usually, these shampoos are not consumed more than once a week, but different means have different instructions, it is better to get acquainted with the one that is placed on the vial that you purchased.

Stain individual locks and roots volos in a shade that is 1-2 darker than your natural shade. The pigment will eventually wash off a little and eventually merge with your natural colorohm volos. Каждый раз подкрашивайте все меньше прядей по всей голове, приближаясь к естественному colory. Now in the style of melirovanie, broning, fantasy staining, and you are only on hand.

If you do not want to have a "motley" head, paint with unstable paint for volos, the action of which lasts from 3 to 6 weeks. Choose one whose composition contains various caring substances.

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