How to return the form after the decree

How to return the form after the decree
Often, young women do not even imagine what awaits them after childbirth, and what new loads on the body are anticipated. To avoid negative consequences and quickly return the form, you need to adhere to some rules.

Determine the optimal amount of food per reception. Some people, including young mothers, eat more out of habit, and do not have time to understand that they already ate enough food. This is because the feeling of satiety comes about fifteen minutes after the end of its reception. According to the studies of the British Dietetic Association, a portion of food for a particular person should fit on his palm.

To drink water. To improve the absorption of food and work of the intestine, the normalization of metabolism is good to drink a half-hour before each meal a glass of clean water. In a day for an adult, the amount of water drunk should be about two liters. Be sure to monitor your status. If you have high blood pressure, you should consult your doctor.

Eat five to six times a day, in small portions. Three full meals and two – three useful snacks (be sure to include in the diet vegetables, fruits and coarse dietary fiber).

Limit the amount of salt in food (sausages, fast food, snacks).

Minimize or completely eliminate the intake of carbohydrates, (sweet and flour) after three o'clock in the afternoon, and it is desirable to use them completely at a minimum. Protein food can be safely eat for dinner.

More rest. The mistake of many mom является то, что, пока ребенок спит, они хотят успеть сделать все дела. Этого делать не надо! Нужно обязательно отдыхать и спать в то время, когда ребенок спит. Это важнейшая составляющая хорошего самочувствия и здорового внешнего вида. А для ребенка это просто необходимо – проснувшись, заполучить свеженькую, готовую к новым играм и экспериментам мамочку.

Correctly load the back. Moms often bend over the kids to talk with them and play, or raise the baby (and sometimes already a heavy-weight baby) with a rounded back, and thus give a huge strain on the spine. Incorrectly distributed load on the spine can cause the appearance of pain, hernia. Be sure to tilt forward, and when lifting weights, keep your back straight, and set the ass back. Certainly a little funny, but this is the only correct position for the back when doing such actions.

Do gymnastics, play sports. Perform basic exercises for warm-up in the morning, and stretching in the evening. Muscles need to be strengthened regularly.

Unload your feet. Pain in the legs and chronic fatigue appear from a permanent (vertical for most housewives) position, which causes stagnation of blood. To begin with, try to change the position of the body more often, for example, if you can easily lie down, move your hips to the wall, and throw your feet on the wall. In this situation, the blood begins to circulate better, and fatigue passes.

If fatigue in your legs does not leave you in the morning, then a simple exercise "bike" will help. Lie on your back, lift your legs at an angle of about 45 degrees, and start "pedaling". Also, the press is working. One hundred and fifty movements, and the legs feel much better.

Watch your appearance, clothes, hair. Even if you are constantly at home, with a child, you can be neat and beautiful. This makes you attractive to your man.

Caring for the skin and hair. For the beauty of hair and face, fresh air, rest and a healthy long sleep are very important. And of course great value is nutrition, rich in vitamins. Masks need to be done, it takes not so much time, and the effect is noticeable right away.

Tempering and taking a contrast shower. Water procedures in themselves are good for relaxing the muscles after a hard day. A contrast shower in the morning, after the morning exercises, will help you cheer up, and the skin is beneficial. It should be remembered that one should always start with warming the body with warm water, and finish with a cold one. Reduce the temperature gradually, and after long breaks start again. Begin to be tempered only when you are healthy.

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