How to return the color to your lips

How to return the color to your lips
With time, lips can lose their natural color for a number of reasons: aging, smoking, the use of unsuitable lipstick, improper nutrition, direct sunlight exposure. Natural pink shade of yours lips will help to return simple procedures that you can do at home.

You will need
  • – сахар или соль, мед;
  • – chamomile flowers;
  • – Cucumber juice;
  • – almond oil;
  • – butter;
  • – lemon juice, honey, yogurt.
Prepare a lip scrub using water, sugar or salt, honey (1: 1: 1). Apply it on the lips with massage movements several times a week.

In winter, the skin of the lips is adversely affected by wind and cold. This leads to their peeling and cracks, which will not hide even the most best pomade. Therefore, when you feel the first signs of peeling, grease with a fat cream or ordinary honey.

Brew chamomile, pour a tablespoon of dried flowers with a glass of boiling water. Make lotions, applying a cotton swab dipped in the tincture, to the lips before going to bed every night. Thanks to the healing properties of chamomile, the lips will be soft.

Do at least once a week lip massage with a soft toothbrush. It will return the natural and beautiful color to the lips and normalize the process of blood circulation.

Use lipstick and balms that contain vitamins A and E, as well as plant oil. They will protect the delicate skin of the lips, especially in winter, from drying out, and also contribute to the healing of small cracks.

Lighten the lips with cucumber juice, moisten their lips for several days in a row.

From dark spots helps to get rid of almond oil. During the day, apply it with massage movements on the lips. In addition, it has a moisturizing effect and will help to eliminate dryness and peeling.

Daily for two weeks apply on the lips of butter. It will perfectly soften them, providing them with silky skin and a pleasant color.

Lighten the darkened lips and moisturize them with a mask using lemon juice, honey and yogurt. Mix the ingredients in equal parts and lay them on the lips for one hour.

Use only high-quality lipstick or lip gloss. In the store, choose a sealed tube, try not to use probes. Lipstick should be removed with the help of special quality products designed specifically for removing make-up.

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