How to return hair the previous color

How to return hair the previous color
Sometimes experiments on dyeing hair end unexpectedly. Then the creator of an unsuccessful image dreams to return the former color to her hair. Here you need to follow several rules, so as not to cause even greater harm to the curls.

If your locks are dark by nature and, repainted them in Blonde, вы остались недовольны результатом, нужно исправлять положение. Возьмите краску для волос на два-три тона темнее, чем сейчас у вас. То есть если это светло-пепельный, используйте темно-пепельный, для золотистого блондина подойдет светло-каштановый и т.д. Нанесите состав сначала на корни. Подождите двадцать-тридцать минут (точное время написано в инструкции, вложенной в упаковку). Затем распределите остатки по окрашенным прядям и оставьте на пять-семь минут. Смойте. Это первый этап возвращения к прежнему цвету. Через две недели приобретите колер, максимально близкий к прежнему и повторите процедуру.

Recolor from brunette in blonde also need in several stages. First of all, special composition remove hair from the hair. Take the means for decapage or the system of correction (removal) of the color of the same company, whose production was produced coloring. Apply the composition to the hair and keep it for as long as indicated in the instructions. Wash off. Two weeks after the procedure, use the paint for three or four shades lighter than the previous shade of curls. Wait a couple more weeks. Get one blond tint, which you need. Composition put first on the roots, then on the discolored strands.

If you need to get rid of the red shade, back to natural brown, use compounds with a purple dye. These are all shades of ash and eggplant. For the first coloring choose a darker color, only it is able to block out the corrosive red. During the second procedure, use the paint of the desired color.

Return the hair, colored with a shade of shade, the former color, you can, smeared hair with linseed, vegetable or corn oil. It should be on the head for five or six hours, otherwise there will be no effect. Trying to repaint ringlets, toned with shampoo is useless. This means covers only the surface of the hair, and the paint penetrates inside. And unnecessary color will show up again.

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