How to resume hair growth

How to resume hair growth
Update periods volos occur throughout life several times and are accompanied by intense loss. However, the frequent cause of their loss is avitaminosis or disease of internal organs. At such times, you must take all possible measures to keep the hair bulb and prevent it from becoming atrophied. Otherwise, hair loss can become irreversible.

You will need
  • – food or sea salt for massage;
  • – сок лука, чеснока, алоэ, мед для маски;
  • – broth nettles, burdock root, birch leaves, hop cones for rinsing.
Hair loss is quite normal. Thus, their natural renewal takes place. But if they drop out in a larger volume than usual, and for a long time, create a special, gentle care and extra nutrition for your hair. Start the course of vitamin therapy, and for the scalp use a variety of masks and massage.

RџSЂRё loss of hair a good effect on the hair bulb is provided by a massage with a large salt, or even better, a sea salt. It contains all the elements of the periodic system of D.I. Mendeleev, so apart from the massage, it nourishes the skin well. Before washing your head, apply it to slightly damp hair along the partitions and rub it into roots in a circular motion. After 5-7 minutes, rinse the hair with water, and then wash it, but use only products of natural origin: egg yolk with kefir, milk whey. This will avoid exposure to the scalp of harmful chemicals contained in any cosmetic skin care products and hair. With sensitive scalp, mix salt with vegetable oil.

To restore the hair follicle and to stimulate growth волос делайте пальцевой массаж головы. Проводите разведенными пальцами от линии лба к затылку, перемещаясь от центра в стороны. Далее перейдите на круговые движения. Такое воздействие на кожу головы не только усиливает кровообращение и питает корни волос, но и снимает нервное напряжение. Для этой же цели можете использовать массажную щетку. При сильном выпадении волос расчесывайтесь дольше, чем обычно.

As a mask for hair, use the onion juice or its mixture with honey (5: 1), honey with aloe juice, garlic and onion gruel. Apply any of them to the roots, wrap the hair with an oilcloth and a warm woolen shawl. Leave for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with water, egg yolk and rinse with a decoction of nettle, birch leaves, hop cones or burdock root.

To prevent excessive hair loss, avoid contamination and grease. Increased production of secretion of sebaceous glands and reproduction of various microorganisms on the surface of the skin can lead to the poisoning of the hair bulb. And to wean hair from frequent washing, change the shampoo, refuse for a while from balm and exclude from the diet fatty, fried, sharp, smoked and pickled dishes. To preserve purity, collect hair in the tail or bundle and wear less in loose form.

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