How to restore youth to youth

How to restore youth to youth
The skin of the face becomes dry and thin, there are wrinkles not only around the eyes, but also in the corners of the mouth. This is approaching old age with its very sad for women fading beauty. Return face youth you can, but the procedures are fabulously expensive and not all are available. And then people's recipes come to help.

You will need
  • – lemons;
  • – honey;
  • – растительное и оливковое масло;
  • – сливки и сметана;
  • – Infusion of dogrose on alcohol and water;
  • – красный стручковый перец;
  • – wax;
  • – cologne;
  • – Lanolin;
  • – medicinal herbs;
  • – Pine resin;
  • – масляный раствор витаминов А, D и Е;
  • – yeast;
  • – Flaxseed oil.
Remove the peel from three lemons, chop and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Leave it for 10 hours. It is better to do this in a thermos, then the infusion will be better. Cool to room temperature, strain through gauze and add 1 tsp. honey, 1 tbsp. vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. lemon juice. Another pour 2 st.l. cream and 1 tsp. cologne. Finally add 1 st.l. alcoholic infusion of briar flowers. Shake the mixture well and store in a glass container. Lubricate the skin for the night.

Withering skin can be helped by a cream based on pepper. It warms well and stimulates blood circulation, thereby imparting face a healthy glow. Chop a small piece of red pepper, enough from the pod to cut the tip length of 0,5 cm. Rub it with 2 st.l. olive oil. Separately, in a water bath, melt the wax in an amount of 1 tsp, add half a teaspoon of lanolin and 2 st.l. of wild rose hips. Then put the oil there too. with pepper и перемешайте. Через пару минут снимите с огня, процедите, чтобы остатки перца остались на марле, и храните получившийся домашний крем в холодильнике.

Make a rejuvenating cream based on herbs. To do this, prepare an oil extract from mint, linden, chamomile, St. John's wort or green tea, and you can take other medicinal herbs. Pour the mixture, or each grass separately, with warm olive oil. Put the closed container in a dark place for 7-10 days, then strain the oil. Next, prepare the cream itself. To do this, melt the wax (1 tsp) in a water bath and pour into it 1 st.l. melted pine resin, and then add 2 st.l. oil extract from herbs, 2 st.l. infusion of rose hips. Remove from heat, cool and add 2 drops vitamins A, D and E (oily solution). Keep the cream in a cool place.

Smooth wrinkles and slow the aging of the skin of the face with various masks. For combination skin, prepare a yeast mask with linseed oil. Dilute 1 st.l. baker's yeast with warm milk to the state of gruel, then add 0,5 st.l. sour cream, according to 1 tsp. linseed oil and lemon juice and honey. Stir and make a mask on the face.

Можно просто наносить льняное масло на 20 минут, предварительно очистив кожу. Или смешайте его с медом and yolk in equal quantities, and then make a mask for 15 minutes. In general, flaxseed oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, so it helps restore elasticity to flabby and flaky skin.

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